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For the young visitors, the Galleria Borghese offers many stories that will get them excited about the mysterious, funny and witty characters that populate the rooms of our museum.

Have fun!

Dear children, we are waiting for you! (A very special awakening at the Galleria Borghese) curated by Marzia Di Tanna and Emanuela Mangia

A video animation for children aged 4 to 8 and their families.

Virginia, Bernardino Licinio’s granddaughter, taken from his painting, Portrait of her brother’s family, and the little Sonno by Algardi explore paintings and sculptures in the Borghese collection, driven by the typical curiosity of children, which leads them to notice certain iconographic details and to come across numerous characters, such as Cardinal Scipione Borghese, with whom they share adventures full of games and surprises.

You can see the video here


A chilly lady by Micaela Carbonara and Fabrizia Puca

The little lemon Giulio goes to visit his friend Margherita and they will meet a mysterious girl and her strange little animal with a small horn on her forehead. They will help her to get back her lucky charm necklace and to go back to her palace: the Galleria Borghese!

You can watch the video here


What a crazy rock party!

by Micaela Carbonara and Fabrizia Puca

The three friends Giulio, Margherita and Guglielmo are rehearsing for a concert with their rock band. Two curious flies stop to listen to them and explain, sadly, that in the country they come from there is no longer any music. The boys then offer to follow them to see if they can help them and… suddenly they find themselves catapulted into the painting Landscape with a country dance and there they experience a fantastic adventure that will eventually end in a big dance party full of music and joy!

You can watch the video here


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