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Aeneas Fleeing Troy

Barocci Federico
Urbino c. 1535 - 1612)

Signed and dated, the work is documented a replica of his unfortunately lost painting for Rudolf II of Habsburg. The depiction of this episode of the story of Aeneas is unique in the production of Barocci, who was constantly engaged with religious subjects and portraits. It is not clear how the painting entered the Collection, but it has been conjectured that the patron himself, Giuliano della Rovere, gave it to Cardinal Scipione. There are allusions in the painting to two famous artists from Urbino: Raphael (the influence of the fresco portraying the Fire in the Borgo) and Donato Bramante (the presence in the background of the Tempietto at S.Pietro in Montorio on the Janiculum).

Object Details

Medium | oil on canvas, cm 179 x 253

Inventory | 68

Location | Room 19 – Helen and Paris Room

Period | '500

Classification | painting