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Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery

Mazzola Ludovico called Mazzolino
(Ferrara c. 1480 - 1528-30)

The small arched panel, already present in the collection of Scipione Borghese, must have been the pendant of the Tribute Money, now in England. The upper area of the painting is taken up with a landscape. In the foreground Christ is depicted on the threshold of a small temple; at his feet some figures are bending down to read what Jesus, according to the Gospel story (Jn. 8, 1–11), had written on the ground. An anti-classical inclination, common in the Ferrara area, pervades the small painting.

Object Details

Medium | oil on panel, cm 29 x 19,5

Inventory | 451

Location | Room 11 – Room of Ferrarese Painting

Period | '500

Classification | painting