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Concert (Theft of the Amulet)

Honthorst Gerrit van called Gherardo delle notti
(Utrecht 1590 - 1656)

The Concert can be dated to the second part of van Honthorst’s stay in Rome (1610 – 1621). The theme of the work seems to be influenced by the religious morality of the Netherlands, where music, an excellent and virtuous art, was nevertheless fleeting, to the extent that it was associated with vanity. The subject of the work is really a theft. Absorbed by his singing, the young man does not notice that – with the complicity of the toothless old woman and the man playing the bass viola da gamba – the girl is about to steal the amulet hanging from his ear.

Object Details

Medium | oil on canvas, cm 168 x 202

Inventory | 31

Location | Room 14 – Lanfranco Loggia

Period | '600

Classification | painting


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