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Madonna and Child between Saints Ignatius of Antioch and Onophrius

Lotto Lorenzo
(Venice 1480 - Loreto 1557)

This signed and dated painting in its original frame has been in the Collection since 1613. Evident in it are references to painters from Venetia (Giovanni Bellini and Cima da Conegliano), as is the strong influence of Dürer, who was active in Venice in 1506.

Nothing is known about the provenance of the painting, which may have been executed during Lotto’s stay in Recanati (1506-08), or during the one in Rome, which began at the end of 1508, when the artist was active in the Vatican Stanze.

The presence of Onuphrius and Ignatius of Antioch has been linked to the reformist ideas of the time, which proposed them as models to imitate.

Object Details

Medium | oil on panel, cm 53 x 67

Inventory | 193

Location | Room 20 – Psyche Room

Period | '500

Classification | painting


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