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Veneto school

The canvas is traditionally considered the pendant to the Singer with a flute (inv.130), both of which were mentioned in 1650by Manilli as works of Giorgione. Scholars debated the attribution for a long time. The paintng technique seems to differ from Giorgione’s brush strokes, leading to the conjecture that the work was executed in the master’s style, in accordance with a taste that was characteristic of the early 17th century. There are differences between the two musicians. The former’s back is almost turned, and he has a disdainful sneer on his face, while the latter appears more courteous. The two figures are exact opposites: the dishevelled piper opposed to the elegant singer.

Object Details

Medium | oil on canvas, cm 104 x 77

Inventory | 132

Location | Room 20 – Psyche Room

Period | '500

Classification | painting


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