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Portrait of a Woman

Carpaccio Vittore, attributed
(Venice c. 1460-65 - c. 1526)

The panel has been ascribed to Carpaccio and linked to the famous Two Venetian Women in the Museo Correr in Venice. The attribution, which has been contested on various occasions, is now prevalently accepted as forming part of Carpaccio’s oeuvre, though serious doubts do remain. The woman, often viewed as a courtesan, is wearing a triple silver chain necklace and a pearl necklace, symbolizing chastity, and, in the light of the Venetian sumptuary laws, they are an index of wealth and nobility too, besides denoting a woman approaching marriage or recently wed.

Object Details

Medium | oil on panel, cm 28,5 x 24

Inventory | 450

Location | Room 20 – Psyche Room

Period | '500

Classification | painting