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Portrait of a youth

Fontana Lavinia
(Bologna 1552 - Rome 1614)

Completed in tempera, the drawing was probably acquired by Cardinal Scipione Borghese along with two other works by the artist: the Minerva Dressing (inv. 7) and the Sleep of Jesus (inv. 437). The signed and dated work presents the portrait of a youth who has his back to the viewer, but has turned his lively face towards the latter. Somewhere between a drawing and a painting, the paper belongs to the rare genre of colour life studies, and is one of the few documents executed with this technique of the portraiture of the Bolognese Lavinia Fontana, who lived in Rome from 1603 to 1614 and was in great demand for portraits of the Roman aristocracy.

Object Details

Medium | Pencil, grease pencil, tempera, and whiting on paper (Havana brown),cm 47,5 x 35,5

Inventory | 81

Location | Room 19 – Helen and Paris Room

Period | '500

Classification | painting

Work not currently on display
On loan to exhibition "Le Signore dell'Arte " (Milan- Palazzo Reale, 20/02/2021 - 06/06/2021)


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