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Salvator Mundi

Marco d’Oggiono, attributed
(Oggiono c. 1470 - c. 1530)

The panel was one of the first paintings to enter the gallery under the name of Leonardo, an attribution that remained in place until recent times, when it was ascribed by common agreement to Marco d’Oggiono. It adheres so closely to Leonardesque precepts as to prompt the supposition that it derives from a prototype by Leonardo; a more likely hypothesis is that the painting fully develops the suggestions of a series of sketches left by Leonardo and reinterpreted personally by the artist. Of particular note is the iconographic slant of the work, which revives the image of Christ Pantocrator from the Byzantine tradition; the gesture of the blessing hand alludes to the mystery of the divine Trinity. The proximity to the example of Leonardo finds significant confirmation in the meticulous and faithful rendering of the Earth’s surface, updated in line with the new knowledge resulting from the explorations at the end of the century.

Object Details

Medium | oil on panel, cm 34 x 26

Inventory | 435

Location | Room 12 – Room of the Bacchantes

Period | '500

Classification | painting