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Romanelli Giovanni Francesco
(Viterbo 1610-17 - Rome 1662)

As the turban-like headdress suggests, the painting portrays a Sibyl, whose prophetic powers are revealed by the pen and the book, as well as by her upward gaze. In effect, the term ‘Sibyl’ refers precisely to the figure of the prophetess who is able to know the future. Sibyls were named according to where they came from in the Mediterranean area – Cuman, Eritrean, Delphic – and were later accepted by Christian thought, because they were considered to have foretold the advent of Christ. For this reason, they were to be portrayed a number of times in works of art.

Object Details

Medium | oil on canvas, cm 56 x 90

Inventory | 51

Location | The storerooms

Period | '600

Classification | painting