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The Madonna Suckling the Infant Christ

Rizzi Gian Pietro called Giampietrino
(active in Lombardy first quarter of the 16th century)

The work already featured in the collection in 1613, as shown by the payment for the construction of a frame for it. At that time the panel was considered to be the work of Leonardo, though later it was unanimously ascribed to Giampietrino. Thought to derive from a lost original by Leonardo, the painting clearly documents the powerful influence exerted by Leonardo over sixteenth-century artistic production in Lombardy. Note the contrast between the group in the foreground and the receding landscape outside the

Object Details

Medium | oil on panel , cm 76,5 x 61

Inventory | 456

Location | Room 12 – Room of the Bacchantes

Period | '500

Classification | painting


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