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The Virgin and Child with Two Angels

Puligo Domenico
(Florence 1492 - after 1527)

The work, formerly attributed in the gallery’s inventories to Andrea del Sarto, is now widely recognized as belonging to a still youthful phase of his ‘partner’ Puligo. Indeed, the tondo still seems to be stylistically influenced by the study of the masters of early sixteenth-century Florentine art, from Raphael to Andrea del Sarto and Fra’ Bartolomeo. The lateral figures, identified as angels, cannot be read in full, perhaps due to a sizing down of the tondo, as appears to be borne out by the cutting of Mary’s halo.

Object Details

Medium | oil on panel, diam. cm 68

Inventory | 468

Location | Room 13 – Fame Room

Period | '500

Classification | painting