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Tobias and the Angel

Savoldo Giovanni Girolamo
(Brescia c. 1480 - Venice? after 1548)

The painting, traditionally ascribed to Titian, was acquired for the Galleria Borghese in 1910 by the then director Giulio Cantalamessa, who corrected the attribution, subsequently accepted by critics, declaring it to be by Savoldo.

During the Renaissance the subject of Tobias and the angel was often commissioned with a well-wishing intent on the occasion of the departure of a son. The style of the painting has been likened to contemporary solutions by Titian. The effect produced by the imaginary source of light illuminating the angel, placing Tobias’s face in shadow, gave the Brescian painter the opportunity to express his extraordinary ability at rendering the shiny and heavy texture of the fabric, crossed by deep folds.

Object Details

Medium | oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm

Inventory | 547

Location | Room 15 – Aurora Room

Period | '500

Classification | painting


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