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In a period that has seen a surge in the use of social media, with all kinds of initiatives being proposed from various quarters to try to address the current emergency, the Borghese Gallery is working to encourage interaction between users and networking among cultural institutions.

In view of this, on 17 March the Gallery launched a new campaign called #artchallenge: setting an example, it invited the participation of users and institutions by publishing a photo of a much-loved work, tagging each photo with 5 friends in addition to the Gallery itself. The challenge has been an immediate success, with a widespread and international response.

The Gallery is always very active on social media, and in this period it has embraced the “Io resto a casa” (‘I stay at home’) campaign. On 4 March it launched the #laculturanonsiferma initiative, which has been picked up by many other Italian museums. With the contribution of key staff members, the museum has begun to recount what goes on behind the scenes. This form of storytelling kicked off with an interview with the director Anna Coliva about the diagnostic investigation project being conducted on the Deposition of Raphael to mark the fifth centenary of the artist’s death. This is part of the #litaliachiamo initiative organized by the ministry for the cultural heritage and activities. There is an alternating series of different formats – following social engagements, sharing content and
initiatives, offering new perspectives on spaces and works,