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The Museum’s mission is to:


  • preserve, protect, document, display, grow and enhance the value of all of its collections and cultural artefacts, whether on display or not on display, fixed or moveable, art-historic, in a documentary, book or multimedia format, directly managed, deposited with other bodies or housed in the architectural complex of the Villa, a unique and extraordinary example of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Roman collecting the original context of which is still intact;


  • to enhance knowledge of the artistic heritage among an increasingly broad public – an indispensable requirement for protecting and safeguarding it – and to transmit to present and future generations an awareness of the importance of the heritage for Italy;


  • to programme cultural initiatives that lend value to the Italian cultural heritage, organizing temporary exhibitions, lectures, educational activities and workshops that encourage greater knowledge of the heritage and of the museum’s own function, cooperating also with other museums and with national and international institutions.


2016 – 2019 VALORISATION PLAN – Appendix to the 2016 – 2019 valorization plan referred to in section A.5 Valorization Archives and Book Assets


The Caravaggio Research Centre Project involves the establishment of a study, diagnostic and art historical research centre focussing on Caravaggio and his work. The aim is to make it the most complete of its kind today, so as to be the primary point of reference for Caravaggio research at a world level. The goal is to create the most comprehensive database on Caravaggio, comprising fully up-to-date bibliographic, documentary, archive, philological, historiographic and iconographic information, together with a suite of diagnostic tools in digital format.

Caravaggio Research involves all the museums, picture galleries, foundations, churches and private collections that hold paintings by Caravaggio, creating a fruitful network of national and international partners.

Caravaggio Research is an ambitious digital humanities project conceived, curated and promoted by art historian Anna Coliva, the director general of the Galleria Borghese and a leading expert on Michelangelo Merisi known as Caravaggio.

Caravaggio Research is intended as a centre for bringing together studies on Caravaggio, and is directed at art lovers, art historians, restorers, conservation and diagnostic experts, museum professionals, historians and students. Above all, in the various phases of gathering and analysing data, it will employ a significant number of young researchers.




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