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Educational services

The Galleria Borghese is a museum open to the public and in the service of society. It promotes research and cultural growth, and contributes to the social development of both the local and the national community. Its institutional objectives thus include education, study, and enjoyment.

This project of collective growth is promoted, supported, and coordinated by the Educational Service, which boasts a long tradition and a significant history.

The Annual Plan of Educational Activities is the instrument dedicated to planning in this specific area of the Museum’s initiatives.



The primary objective of the Galleria Borghese’s Educational Service is to promote the Museum as a place for learning about our cultural heritage and its values. It works collaboratively in cooperation with society at large to make its collections more understandable, enjoyable, and accessible for diverse publics.


Promoting and making the most of the heritage are closely connected with educational processes of the “informal” kind, with activities addressed to the different interests of the diverse publics targeted.


Particular attention is given to the families that visit the Museum. At their disposal are the thematic itineraries that tell in an original way the “Stories of the Borghese”, which are conceived for different ages and therefore are suitable even for the youngest visitors. They present works, artists, and more, inviting active participation in the storytelling. The pamphlets are free of charge, and may be requested upon entering the Museum or downloaded from this page.

- Borghese Gallery’s stories – a little handbook:

A little guidebook to the masterpieces of the Galleria Borghese, in Italian and English, conceived for a tour of adults and children/youngsters together, which presents 10 of the Galleria Borghese’s masterpieces in appropriate language, format, and graphics. The collection is presented by an exceptional guide, Cardinal Scipione Borghese.

- If I were… Paolina:

A leaflet in Italian and English, in which the Museum’s little visitors can imagine that they are the Borghese princess Paolina and make up a story and/or draw.

- If I were … David:

A leaflet in Italian and English, in which the Museum’s little visitors can imagine that they are David, the hero who defeated the giant Goliath, and make up a story and/or draw.

- Enchanted at the Borghese – on the wings of Music:

A special itinerary, conceived for a special occasion, the “Music Festival”, but also excellent on any other day of the year. The visitors (adults and children) will be guided in a search for kettledrums and panpipes, lyres and sistra, flutes and chitarrones, violas da braccio and da gamba, trombones and
hunting horns. They will be accompanied by the festive sounds of satyrs, as well as by the music of Apollo; listen in amazement to the gorgeous suspended chant of the Sibyl; and be enchanted by the melody of Orpheus. The handbook is only in Italian.

- Excuse me, have you seen a dragon?

A special and entertaining itinerary, in Italian and English, through the rooms of the Galleria Borghese in search of “particular” animals, helped by the hints provided by the security personnel. Large numbers of dragons can be found, as well as unicorns, three-headed dogs, and such, because every
self-respecting museum has its fantastic animals.


The Galleria Borghese participates in the initiatives sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) fostering awareness and collective reflection regarding our common principle of learning about cultural heritage as a factor of social cohesion and civics education, in total accordance with the policies of the European Union.

European Cultural Heritage Days
Museum Festival
Museum Night
Families at the Museum
Museum Week
Music Festival
Culture Week


The Museum also plans inclusive and socializing initiatives and educational itineraries conceived for diverse publics, aimed at creating participatory experiences and establishing the conditions for making the Museum a familiar, open, and welcoming place.

Open space. The Galleria Borghese opens to the city.
There have already been two editions of this cyclical project, which is based on the principle of inclusion and cultural exchange.

For activities and projects aimed at increasing the Museum’s accessibility, please consult the Accessibility section 


La Galleria Borghese manages its formal educational activities in cooperation with Gebart Spa, a company that provides a diverse program of tours and thematic itineraries for individuals, groups and families, and schools of all levels.

For information: click here.


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