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Anna Coliva is the Director of the Galleria Borghese. She has dedicated herself to the Museum since 1994, first as Coordinator-Director overseeing its restoration work until the reopening (1997) and then as Director (from 2006). Following the Franceschini reform, in 2010 she was confirmed as Director through an international competition. Among the world’s leading experts on the Galleria Borghese and its collection, she has curated numerous international-level exhibitions and is the author of more than a hundred publications, with particular regard to Bernini, Caravaggio, Domenichino, Parmigianino, Dosso Dossi and, in general, painting in Emilia and Rome in the 16th and 17th centuries. She has also directed major restorations of paintings, frescoes, and sculptures in churches and palazzos in Rome and other places in Latium, and has overseen the redesigning, cataloguing, and reopening of major Italian picture galleries.

She conceived, organized, curated, and obtained private financing for the “Ten Exhibitions in Ten Years” project, including the following exhibitions accompanied by monographic publications and scholarly conferences: 2006, Raphael: From Florence to Rome; 2007-2008; Canova and the Venus Victorious;  2008, Correggio and Antiquity;  2009-2010, Caravaggio Bacon; 2010-2011, Cranach: the Other Renaissance; 2011-2012; The Borghese Family and Antiquity; 2014, Giacometti: the Sculpture.

In 2006 she introduced contemporary art into the museum, a unique event of its kind in a context of old art, and on the tenth anniversary of the reopening of the Galleria Borghese in 2007 started up the Contemporary Commissions” project    with the aim of enhancing the masterpieces of the past and encouraging their in-depth study through site-specific works commissioned from contemporary artists. As part of this project she has conceived, curated, organized, and obtained financing from international sponsors for exhibitions by, among other contemporary artists, Hans Op de Beeck (2009), George Baselitz (2011), Candida Höfer (2013), and Mat Collishaw (2015).

She has combined her in-depth work in research, conservation, and popularization with equally extensive work in involving Italian and foreign businesses and financial organizations in the economic support of such activities, which led to the total revenue of €12,716,301 for the Museum in the period 1998-2014. In 2013 she founded the “Patrons of the Galleria Borghese”, a non-profit association whose mission is to promote, defend, and valorize the artistic and historical interest of the Galleria Borghese Museum’s heritage, and to support research and popularization regarding art-historical culture and the study of the formation of the heritage.

She has been awarded international honours such as the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres  medallion by the French Ministry of Culture in 2011, the Pushkin Medal by the President of the Russian Federation in 2012 for her contribution to the development of relations between Russia and Italy, and the Légion d’Honneur  by the President of France in 2013. She is a member of the Bank of Italy’s Board of Regents, the Board of Consultants of the Ministry’s National Committee for Domestic and International Exhibitions, and numerous other expert committees, including that of the MASI in Lugano