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Support the Museum

Become a patron: Make history by supporting the acquisition of a masterpiece 


The donations will contribute to the acquisition of an important work by Gian Lorenzo Bernini: the bronze bust of Urban VIII Barberini, executed in 1658 for Cardinal Antonio Barberini and currently owned by his descendants.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance the collection of the Galleria Borghese with a masterpiece by one of the artists most closely identified with it, Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
The person portrayed, Urban VIII, is a figure closely connected with the vicissitudes of Scipione Borghese’s collection, of which he was the inspiring theoretician. He likewise conceived and commented on the subjects portrayed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the monumental sculptures he executed as a very young man for the Villa Borghese, where they are still to be found.
The work is thus closely connected with the place that is waiting to host it. Therefore – in addition to the intrinsic art-historical value of the sculpture itself – the acquisition of the bust of Urban VIII would constitute an exceptional occasion, because of both the importance of the artist who executed it and the figure portrayed in it, and would fill the gap, for the Galleria Borghese, of not owning a portrait of Barberini along with those of the other illustrious protagonists of the Borghese court.   

The bronze bust of Urban VIII is a fundamental work in Bernini’s production, particularly within his portraiture of popes. It is documented and accompanied by a large bibliography. Posthumously commissioned from Bernini in 1656 by Cardinal Antonio Barberini and completed two years later, it has stayed ever since in the family through inheritance down to the current owner. Superbly portraying Urban VIII with his mozzetta and camauro on, and a heraldic bee in the center of the base characterized by the descriptive subtlety of several details, the work also maintains intact in the bronze rendering the expressive power of the terracotta model.

The work will have a most important place in the Collection, and donors will be officially mentioned, if they consent.


If you want to appear in the list of Galleria Borghese’s donors, download this form, fill it in and send it to

In addition to the tax breaks provided by the Art Bonus, Galleria Borghese wants to thank the donors in a more personal and direct way, also in relation to the relevance of the support given to this important initiative. To find out our welcome initiatives, send an email to

For any further information, send us an email to the above address, or​ visit this page




  1. What kind of exposure is given to donors?

All donors, even the smallest, will be mentioned on our website and on that of Art Bonus, in addition to being listed in the Museum’s historical records. Donors must download consent form, fill it out and send it, together with the receipt of the bank transfer, to


  1. If you do not meet the fundraising goal, how will the funds be used?

The fundraising campaign will most likely not raise the entire sum but will still make an important contribution. The Museum has already planned to use the funds received from its own operations to cover the necessary sum; the purchase will therefore be made in any case, and the names of donors will be publicized.


  1. How do you make the donation?

The donation can be made by bank transfer:


–    RECIPIENT: Galleria Borghese

–    IBAN: IT 25 G 05424 04297 000000000524

–    DESCRIPTION: Art bonus – Galleria Borghese – Charitable donation for purchase of the bust of Urban VIII Barberini – Donor’s personal or business tax code

The receipt indicating the donation should be retained for the Art Bonus tax credit.


  1. Have any initiatives been planned to show thanks to the donors?

In addition to the Art Bonus tax credit, which amounts to 65% of the donated sum, Galleria Borghese will thank donors personally and directly, in proportion to the amount contributed to this important initiative. To learn about the program of initiatives reserved for donors, please write to


  1. When will the fundraising campaign end?

This fundraising campaign will end in June 2021. Galleria Borghese reserves the right to extend this deadline if it finds reason to do so.


  1. What are the fiscal benefits of Art Bonus?

     The Art Bonus program allows for a tax credit, equal to 65% of the donated sum, for those who make charitable donations in support of Italy’s public cultural heritage. Different maximum limits for these tax credits apply to different fiscal categories of donors.


In particular:


–    for individuals and entities which do not engage in commercial activities (employees, pensioners, professionals), the allowable tax credit cannot exceed 15% of taxable income;


–    for owners of businesses (companies and sole proprietorships) as well as non-commercial entities which perform some commercial activities, the allowable tax credit cannot exceed 5/1000 of annual revenue.


  1. Who can use Art Bonus tax benefits?

Tax credits can be received by any individual, entity or business which makes a charitable donation in support of culture and the performing arts, independently of his/her/its legal form.

Your support can help the Galleria Borghese’s research and dissemination of knowledge.


Donations of money for the maintenance and restoration of public cultural property entitle donors to a tax credit. The tax break has been made permanent at 65% for donations in support of culture. Further information is available at



Individuals, firms, and associations can support the Galleria Borghese’s normal activities or specific projects, with the benefit of tax deductions in accordance with current law. For further information, contact